why frank?

Strange things will happen to you after your first session with Frank Pilates.

You'll feel taller and somehow more light footed, and you'll scratch your head, wondering how just a few simple exercises have made such a difference

to your body so quickly.

can't touch your toes?

Authentic Pilates corrects your posture, stretches tight muscles, and strengthens your core, or as we call it, your powerhouse. This makes it the perfect antidote

to all the slouchy habits that modern living inflicts on your body.

Pilates works, right from the start.

weak back?

Welcome to Frank, the first Romana's authentic Pilates studio in Devonport.

We're intimate (ok, small), because we specialise in private one-on-one, individually tailored programmes, and semi–private mat classes of no more than 6 people.

poor posture?

We know what we're doing, because Jeneal and her associates have been through years of gruelling training to become certified Romana's Pilates Instructors. And Romana's methods stem directly from the pioneering work of Joseph Pilates himself.

so why frank?

Because authentic Pilates requires both physical and mental commitment from you to make things work. In return, we'll be just as committed to getting you to where you want to be, which means keeping things straight forward, honest and, well, frank. But we like having fun too, because fun's what makes the hard bits easier and more rewarding. It's the magic that connects us to our clients, and our clients to the work. So if you're itching to finally make a real difference to you body, get in touch. Quite frankly, we can't wait to work with like-minded people.